Who am I?

I’m a passionate 3D artist from Burlington, Ontario.  I focus mainly on science fiction environments, although I also enjoy working with fantasy and modern themes.  I’ve worked on several games to date while at the Academy of Design Toronto, some of which were:

– A 3D Mech game that was my Capstone project while at the Academy. This game was an Armoured Core style Mech. Shooter with online Deathmatch capabilities.

BrickBreakerDX – A 2D Flash game that I created most art and action script assets for.

Fools Errant – An isometric 2D/3D Game we did during our third and fourth term at the Adademy.

I’m comfortable using 3dsmax and Maya, Photoshop, UDK, ET:QW SDK, ZBrush, Mudbox, XNormal and Crazybump.